The Lazy Online Buyer’s way to make Quick Money!

Are you like me and do your shopping more and more online? I do. In my quest to reach my 10 year plan (to be debt free, and job free and just free), I am constantly looking for a bargain or way to save money, or in some cases get paid to do stuff that I would do anyway.

Do you know that there are some who will pay you to shop online? Sound too good to be true? No, really it’s not. You can really get money back for shopping online. Not just dumb shopping for nothing you need shopping, but grocery shopping like at Walmart. OK you may be restricted for some things that you may not be able to buy, but why would you not do this if you have to shop anyway.

In the last week I have done 90 dollars of groceries at Walmart and got 4% cash back that came up to about $5 back. Yesterday I bought a drill online at Lowes, one that was worth $120 at half price at $59.99. I paid for it online and picked it up at the store and got 1.5% cash back from buying it and made about $1 back.

I am talking about It is something I discovered recently and will do more looking around for this, since I have since found out there are other companies who do it as well. I highly suggest you do a search and put in something like “Get paid to shop Online” and see what comes up.

From Ebates right now (may change in the future) is offering 20% cash back to shop at and 4% on It is free to join so why would you not take advantage of this? So far I have not seen anything marked up to make up for the deal, but I have only shopped 3 places so far.

Basically you sign up with them. Then you search out the store you want to buy from and they will redirect you. After your purchase in a few days, they put the cash back in your ebates account, and will pay out at given times, its like your very own savings account. Can take a bit of time before you see it appear, so don’t panic if you buy and don’t see the cash back right away. Took 4 days for my Walmart cash back to show up and my Lowes purchase showed up right away.

My Walmart order has free shipping (did a shopping of staple grocery items) and I will pick it up at Canada Post this week for free and for my drill purchase, I would have gone to buy it in store, so I just ordered it before hand and most purchases are ready within 1 hour if you are picking it up yourself. If you need anything cut or put together, it might take a few days, but since it was just a drill, within the hour my order was ready!

Like anything else, you have to read what you are doing. As in terms, conditions, restrictions as in some things might not have the same cash back value. But if you take the time to read it, you can make some money back while you are shopping for stuff you would have to buy anyways, which can at least pay part of the nasty taxes that’s on everything.

I am very happy with this find and now I’m sharing with you. I welcome any other finds that you may know about that I don’t, so don’t hesitate to share.

I live in Canada, so this site is for Canadians, but Ebates is also in the States, and has probably been around a lot longer than it’s been here. When you search, you will be able to find these programs for your region.

Isn’t technology great! For a lot of things, absolutely!


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