9/11 – What Have I learned?

I will try to write this today as to not offend anyone, but in this world of jump on the one and eat them alive, that is sometimes hard to do.

9/11 has been a very profound time for me every year. As someone who feels emotions very deeply when the population around me suffers, that day almost did me in and every year at this time is very hard on my heart. I seem to feel the collective hurt and fear of the world.

Now, from year to year it gets better, and this year I would like to turn this around to show how far we have come since that fateful day. Well that was my intention anyway.

When I did a search for this a couple of days ago thinking that was what I might do as a post. I came up with some sites but with nothing that I was looking for.

Some mentioned that security got better, that rules got tighter.

Others were more concentrated on how the country was fortified.

A lot mention that people have become intolerant and paranoid and even racist.

In some ways, I do find that the world has gone a little crazier since that attack.

I was looking for more spiritual changes, like how we have grown as a people, as a planet.

And although I have not been successful when I type into Google “How has the world gotten better since 9/11” , I decided in the end that maybe I should write about what 9/11 taught me.

I have learnt to hug my children and partner a little longer and really appreciate my moments with them. Life is so short and we need to enjoy the time we have with our favorite people.

To make laughter a bigger part of my day than sadness when it’s possible. To jest, to joke, to smile if I can.

I have learnt to spend less time with people who are hateful, mean and petty or at least limit my presence around them. The same goes to people who just exist for surface stuff or for drama. I find I don’t want to invite drama into my life, for it usually finds me all on its own and why would I want to increase the chances of it coming around by inviting it with my attitude.

I try to find the things that bring me peace and light and love. Again, it’s too short to live any other way.

I’ve learnt that violence and intolerance seems to get us nowhere. I prefer to like and love people individually and not judge them by groups. I find my dislike intensifies closer to people who have the right to judge others with ignorance.

If I do meet someone I dislike, I then try to veer towards people I do like. I find it steals my energy and is pointless, so I try to keep them out of my thoughts or my mind as much as I can.

I have gotten older and less naive to what goes on around me and I realized that useless deaths happen every day. They are just not as well publicized as the events of that day.

9/11 was an awful event especially by the vast numbers of people who died needlessly that day. Reported at 2977 lives lost. I have since done a search on New York City alone and there were 1557 reported shooting victims in 2012 and that was a better number than the previous year at 1725 reported shootings. That is for 1 town in the United States. 1 city. Kind of puts things in perspective don’t you think?

I came to realize that humanity’s biggest flaw is the only animal that kills for greed or money or power. They kill over beliefs and fears and being right above all else.

It saddens me that when events such as these happen, there are some who prey on these fears and beliefs to make a society even more paranoid.

Of all these things I am grateful for the beautiful people I have in my life, some gone now, but always in my heart and try to remember that we all go away in the end and not even fear will prevent it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go when it’s our time as opposed to because someone decided they needed to make a point?

As always in the end, all is left is the people who are left behind. The ones that are reminded every year that they lost a loved one who they can’t hug or talk to anymore, and in the end, these are the people that should be loved and supported and spiritually lifted.

When 9/11 is googled, their lives and the lives of the ones they lost should be an inspiration of the people who lost and saved lives on that day to inspire us to be better people. To love a little more, to understand better, and to leave a planet better than what it was before we entered it.

I leave you with some very well known lyrics.

“You may say I’m a dreamer….” But I hope I’m not the only one…


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