Stop Overspending! Here’s a Quick Way to Track your Spending!

Ever get to the end of the week and think…Where did all my money go?That’s a daily thing for me. In my head I know exactly where my money is, but in my wallet seems to be an entirely different thing.

Now this will take a commitment from you to do this everyday as you walk into the door, or keep these in hand so you can update them manually or electronically.

I have added two links, one can be handwritten but I prefer the second link that is an excel worksheet that I can just plug numbers into.

Never Ask Again: Where Does All the Money Go?

You may think these are so simple and they are, but the fact of the matter is, not many people track their spending.

You have made a budget, you have reduced your clutter and your cost from what you pay monthly. Now it’s time to get the hard stuff under control. The stuff that you can’t track. The money you spend on coffee, on a thrift store stop, at the supermarket, buying your co-workers kids chocolate bar for school, the 5 bucks you gave to your kid this morning, your lunch outing etc…

Suddenly the 10 dollars you were about to spend turned into 50, but as you are doing it, you fool yourself into thinking all these are not that bad, because individually they are small amounts, however when you put them all together, not the same result. When you finally calculate it though, you realize it is that bad and your wallet is empty.

Don’t leave this to chance. Track it. Personally now I will think twice before purchasing knowing full well that I will have to put it in my spreadsheet. So laziness actually could play a positive role in not wanting to add to my day’s work!

Track your spending for a couple of weeks. And then see if you can save. Personally, my biggest spending sprees are on the weekend when we go out to eat and shop etc…So I know there is some work to do there.

The more you put your overspending to the forefront of your mind, the more you will be aware of the problem and more likely to do something to fix it.

Happy Tracking!


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