How To Get What You Want by Changing One Simple Thing!

I am noticing a new trend on the horizon that seems to be affecting a lot of people. That trend is the rudeness that is now in place of good old fashion Politeness. Intolerance and Rudeness has now taken a new role in our everyday lives.

I’ll give you a few examples of things that have happened to me in the last couple of weeks. (and I wish that is all that has been going on, if I wrote about everything, the list would be too long and never ending)

Example 1

Went to a gas station this weekend and asked for $10 of gas. That’s all I needed and first reaction I got was an incredulous “Only $10!” Which then escalated to my partner having to put up with this person swearing under his breath and finally charging us an extra .50cents saying that under $10 dollars they charge a .50 cent fee. Something that was not posted anywhere for anyone to see. Of course since the attitude of this person had been less than stellar, we were not pleased with this.

Example 2

Went to a store where you get points for purchasing groceries. I did not have my point’s card so when she asked I told her no, I did not have it. There was another employee from the store behind me and he asked for my points to her (not me) and she gestured he swipe his points card even before my transaction was finished. I turned to both of them and said. Excuse me? I know I was not using them, but you could have asked. These were my purchases and not your points to take.

People have forgotten to be polite.

Rudeness seems to be the way to go today. I find myself leaving my home calm and happy and coming back, angry and shaking my head. I wish that I could simply shake it off, however I am finding that from the moment I leave, someone is being rude to me no matter where I go. And what does it accomplish really?

You are collectively contributing to the world’s bad mood, since if you anger someone, they will probably in turn anger someone else and so on and so on.

In example 1, with the fierce competition there is out there, is it really a good idea to piss off your new clients? I know for sure I am not returning there and it would have to be the last place open on the planet for me to return. Being rude will lose him customers and maybe eventually his business.

In example 2, taking without asking is rude and will get you nowhere. I will remember this kid when I go back into that store. I did not call his superior to deal with both the young man and young cashier; however somebody else might have done so and they could have lost their jobs for what is essentially stealing from the customer.

How could this be avoided? For the gas station, before I filled up, the gentleman could have kindly let me know there was an extra charge for putting only $10. I would have at least been grateful that he had let me know or post it somewhere it can be seen.

In this case, I do believe he did do it to punish my low amount, so in the end, it does not matter much. A polite business is the way to go. People who take care of taking care of their clients and employees will prosper now much more than the run of the mill business who deals in quantity without taking care of the quality of their service, and unfortunately in my area, it’s starting to become rare to get good customer service.

And for the kid who took my points, the simple action of asking if he could get my points would have saved him my aggravation and a potential loss of employment if it had been anyone else and I would have gladly told him it was alright.

So the point (no pun intended) to all this, is this; If you want prosperity and gain in your life. Be polite. And it’s not just for each individual, but also to teach your kids to do the same, so the next generation sees just how important this is.

It sounds simple enough, but it’s starting to be plain to see that the message is no longer being transmitted or taught.

Being polite helps you get what you want. People remember people who are polite to them and will recommend your services. It’s a fact. Not only that. If someone leaves feeling good because of something you did to be polite and in essence to be kind to them, they will most likely spread that joy to someone else. And that will continue, so you will have contributed to this world’s collective happiness, inviting prosperity and gain into your life.

And isn’t that better than being unhappy and negative.

It starts with us and our children, and teaching everyone to care for one another instead of being only in it for ourselves.

You may want to prosper and be gainful, but you need others to help you get there.

I keep trying every time I leave home that maybe someday, that pushy person won’t stand beside me edging their way past me to get through. That the person near the store will not run behind my car instead will let me pull out, since I was already doing it.  That the cashier at the store will give me a smile instead of the stone face. That the person in the aisle talking with someone will not block everyone’s way from passing through (I’m all for catching up, but be kind and don’t block everyone’s way).

I will keep hoping and keep smiling. I hope you do too. Trust me on this, it will get you what you want and have people like who you are if you are thoughtful, polite and kind!

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