The Quickest and Easiest Way to Sell your Stuff!

As promised this is the second part of selling used goods online. First of all, if you want to sell quickly, you have to sell your stuff at reasonable prices. If not, get ready to stay stuck with it for awhile. If that’s not a problem, you can try to sell it at higher prices and then lower it as you go.

The easiest place to sell your stuff is through social media. I currently use Facebook that has quite a few Buy & Sell groups where you can post your stuff. The ones I am using lets you post your stuff for free. It’s local and lets you post it with a price, a category, a short description and photo. You can control your postings instead of constantly looking for them.  It’s a one stop shop.

Don’t have one near you. You can start one and have add people to it. Building your shop to buy and sell in your area. It cost nothing to do this.

There are other places such as Twitter,Pinterest, Instagram where you can advertise your wares for sale. There is no doubt many more places you can find to promote and advertise, however, remember it takes up time to do all these things. To keep track of your stuff. The more you post, the more you have to update, keeping your buyers up to date if an item is sold or still available, especially if you decide to open up a shop online and want to keep doing this part time or even full time.

Your other options are Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. But these can carry fees. Please make sure to check these out before you post. The great thing about these is you are no longer limited to the confines of your area for selling if you choose. You can now sell your stuff worldwide.

If you decide you like doing this, you can even go out and find treasures and re-sell them. With thrift shops and garage sales abound, you can make some extra cash. Just remember the more you get into collector or less used articles, that they might take longer to sell. It might take time for the right buyer to find you.

And the magic rule in all of this. Never put yourself in the poor house to do this. If you need to, start small and invest the money you make into it so it doesn’t dip into your daily budget.


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