How To Turn Your Old Unwanted Stuff Into Cash!

Spring cleaning, Winter Cleaning, Fall Cleaning, Summer Cleaning, I can hardly tell the difference anymore.The one thing I can tell is that in our society of consumers, people can sure end up with a lot of stuff. So much stuff that you find yourself sometimes feeling buried in it.

A good way of clearing that stuff out is to sell it. Have old kitchen appliances that still have life in them that can be cleaned up and sold. Do it!

You have stuff sitting around your home that could be making someone else happy and making you money.

Old Cell phones, electronics, juicers and exercise equipment, can easily put cash in your pocket and clear out some space.

You might lose a bit on the sale of what you originally paid for it, but it sure is not making you any money sitting there collecting dust.

If you start getting rid of the clutter in your life every change of season or so, you will automatically start noticing how much you can get for all that stuff when you look at it.

It may even start affecting what you buy, knowing how much you can get for these things after you are done with them. A system of evaluation to see how much depreciation articles suffer over time may curb your spending.

There are a few tricks to help you be successful at this and one would be to always be reasonable when you are reselling your items. Some people think they will get near to the price they bought these articles for, and for some things that hold their value or are collectors’ items this may be true. Other things like juicers will not sell at those prices.

A good way to know is to check online to see what people are selling stuff for, in what condition and for what prices.

When selling second hand stuff, it’s important to be honest with the buyer. So don’t muck up the details to get more money. It’s never a good idea in this day and age of technology where a bad transaction can get you in trouble as in never being able to sell anything again because someone said you lied and were not trustworthy.

Reviews are everything these days and can make or break you.

The other would be where to sell these items. And this is something I will tackle in my next posting.

So for now if this sounds like a good idea, start putting things aside you know you don’t want anymore and put a price on what you think they are worth, do your research and write a description for each. Be clear, short and precise.

Next blog: Where to sell your old treasures and how to present them!


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