How to Make a Natural Foundation in 5 Minutes or less!

In my quest to live a healthier life, I have systematically taken out toxic products that touch my body and skin and replaced them with a more natural selections. If can’t pronounce or understand the ingredients, it’s not touching my skin.My rule of thumb is that if I can eat it, I can wear it. While I may not like to eat my new soapy laundry detergent, I know that I won’t have to call poison control if it should happen. And that would be the whole point to this.

A lot of people are looking for a healthier way of doing these things but don’t always have the time to spend hours researching or even putting stuff together. I have decided that everything should be kept simple to optimize my time and yours.

This foundation is 2 simple ingredients.

  1. Arrowroot powder that forms the base of your foundation.
  2. And Cinnamon powder or Nutmeg Powder to add to make the shade of your foundation.

The less you add the lighter it is. The more you add, the darker it gets and if you add even more, it will even turn into a bronzer that I use all over my face in summer and only on my cheeks in winter to give me color.

There are few things you should know or rather I suggest you do to make this transition easier. It is a very loose powder. So here are a few suggestions.

  1. Put a base of either coconut oil or shea butter on your face before you apply. This will help absorb the powder.
  2. Put in a small glass jar that your brush can shake off the abundant powder or you are likely to end up with a powdery mess on your clothes.
  3. And if you want to make sure to avoid a mess, then put it on before you put on your clothes and you won’t have to worry about it.

Don’t expect it to act like a store bought foundation, because it simply won’t. It does not have the preservatives or chemicals that they use to give you the illusion they portray, however, I find this a great alternative to going bare, since it will cover up normal blemishes not too badly, has a nice scent and is non-toxic.

It will cover you for most of your day and will need to be re-applied if you go out at night. I have been doing it for over six months and my skin has shown significant improvement between the coconut oil and the foundation. My breakouts are much better and I know that I am not putting any toxins in my face.

Please make sure as with all things that you are not allergic. It’s always good to do a spot test on your skin 24 hours before applying anything fully.


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