Nasty Voice Inside Your Head!

I don’t know how the rest of the world works but for myself, I am always struggling with that little voice inside my head. Now I’m not talking about a mental disability of any kind. I am talking about that voice that helps you form opinions and form your thoughts usually before you speak.
It constantly wants to lead me to places that are up to no good or at least that will make me speak with a to hell with the consequences outlook. Most of the time, I take a minute to think about what it says and try to rationalize the thoughts.
I have found out that these thoughts are usually linked to a feeling. And if your thoughts are linked to anger, pain or disappointment, it’s easy to let your thoughts convince you to say something rash.
It can turn your world upside down acting out on an emotion when you think it’s a thought. Here’s a way of finding out if you are reacting to an emotion rather than acting out of common sense.
Give it time. Time gives perspective. The simple act of sleeping on it may make things better the next day or even give you a different view, when not reacting directly to an emotion; you are giving the rest of your mind a chance to react in a more definite way. If you feel different after time, chances are you were reacting to an emotion.
Question your motives. Why do I want to yell at this person? Is it really because he/she said that? Is it jealousy? Is it envy? Is it anger about something else?
If you do lash out, and realize you should not have, it’s never too early to apologize. Hey, let’s face it, we are all human and sometimes, no matter how much you try to be good, there will be days when it won’t happen that way. When it does, say you are sorry. It’s easy as that.
Ever have those days when all your thoughts are dark. That you feel alone, unloved, and misunderstood or just out of planet as I like to call it. Smile. Start to count your blessings. The people who love you whom you take for granted. The ones who surround you and try to make you smile and want to be with you. Even if it’s just a handful of people, you have to remember that you only need to matter to one other to feel blessed. I can be a pet, a person, a child, a neighbor. The waitress you go and have your cuppa everyday who is happy to see you. Remind your brain of this when it’s throwing you under the bus of loneliness and self-pity.
Think of the stuff you love to do or your favorite food, or your last visit with family, friend, your last vacation. Your grandchildren, your last dinner with friends. Anything at all that will help your mood. That will make you feel grateful and banish the negative things from entering.
And absolutely never ever feel like a failure, no matter what is going on in your life. The fact that you are here breathing and walking is all the proof you need to know that you have succeeded at something. You are alive. You can shape your life to whatever you want. You will have days that you may not be the belle or beau of the play, but you can always remind yourself that you are the major character of your own life. Every decision you make can make your life better or worse. You always have the power within you to make your life into what you envision.
So tell that little voice to take a flying leap (the voice not you), and start thinking and feeling like the great person you are.


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