Harm No One – Physically but Don’t forget Mentally as Well

For my future,  I want to enjoy peace and love and understanding for the days that are ahead of me. I am hoping to share this with like minded people.Here are few types of persons that I think should be avoided at all cost to ensure you have a good day, every day. These are things that I have noticed some people are afflicted with and make it quite difficult for others.

  1. Everyone manipulates something to their advantage, it is the goal of a human being to get the best they can, however, I have come across the sneaky passive manipulators. Some don’t even do that much to manipulate a situation and it can be done over the course of many years. But you will know if you are in this situation, because you always feel a little off around them, or they will make you feel off around others. They may try to separate you from the ones you love slowly by putting thoughts or blocks up that eventually break the connection. They may create situations that will appear to be coincidence, but you will feel it is wrong somehow, because they are much smarter than you when it comes to this. As soon as you can identify them, stay away from them. They can only cause harm. This stems from their own insecurities of their personal thoughts about their value to the people around them. In essence gathering their very own groupies, ensuring their popularity and importance in your life. Walk away without fear or guilt. Just walk away. Some may even take others away from you, people you love and like, and those people may not realize they are with manipulators. In every case, wish them well and continue with your life.
  2. Negative or prejudice people. Now this one is hard on me, because when I looked up the word intolerant. It describes it as unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own. So if I don’t agree with them, then I am the one who is intolerant. I realized I was willing to be intolerant to negative and prejudice people. It is very hard to have a nice conversation with someone whose views border on hatred for different groups of people and who is willing to share it all the time. Even when the subject is closed, they then usually switch up and talk hatred and loathing for something else. Some people say that you only have to ignore them, however, it is not in my nature to let that happen. There are much better things to talk about than about who is screwing who, figuratively and literally. When you are with people you love/like, you should concentrate on them and their lives and the positive in yours. I find that these people are very set in their ways and again, the best thing to do is either stop them when they are with you from doing it or simply walk away.
  3. People who lord over others to make themselves feel powerful. This one is the worst and only serves to make others feel small. This is the one of the worst individuals, you can come across. Run for your lives and never look back.
  4. People who can’t stop living in the past. Always bringing up past hurts, past grievances. People are meant to be therapeutic to each other, but this should always be a give and take, beyond that, they need therapy, before they drag you into the black hole of their own lives.

Each one of these is poison, sometimes so well hidden that you find yourself wondering what happened.

For anyone who truly knows me knows that I believe in the Wiccan Rede.

The Wiccan Rede /ˈrd/ is a statement that provides the key moral system in the Neopagan religion of Wicca and certain other related Witchcraft-based faiths. A common form of the Rede is An it harm none, do what ye will. – from Wikipedia

Some of you may think….Witchcraft…Hexx on you witch. Sure, alright…no problem. Move it along. You are definitely on the wrong page. Although I don’t follow one religion completely. The “Harm No One” motto has always appealed to me because of its huge statement in the simplest of messages.

I have taken this as my personal mantra. And I believe in it firmly. Do No Harm. And not just with bodily injury. The most important of all. Mentally. You are allowed your opinion and not to agree with every single thing, if that opinion does not injure.

You do injure when your negative opinion is offered without being asked and you spread it like poison.

You do injure when you manipulate others to dislike or hate others for your own benefit,

You do injure when you lord and make others feel bad.

You do injure when you make sure others stay down as you climb on their backs to make your way.

My biggest problem is to deactivate a situation once it has begun since my initial response to throw my hands up and dismiss them without apology or a second thought.

Yes, I do feel surrounded by such people at times and it takes a little bit of time to find people without any of these agendas, especially when you work with the public everyday and see a lot of ignorance abound and people who think it’s OK to be rude to you because you are there to serve, however, it’s the world we live in. Lord knows the reality shows don’t show anyone how to be realistically kind without agenda or manipulation, some are even geared toward competition and such manipulation I.E. Big Brother etc…

But I chose to believe that there are still people out there who like dreaming and thinking of living in a better world. Who better their lives and share with others. Who work towards friendships of all kinds with all groups of people, where being kind and sharing what you do have in common is the most basic of things to naturally do.

If you agree and share my opinion, please don’t hesitate to share my blog and even introduce me to these people for they are the ones I am searching for.

So I wish you all to be surrounded by people who believe in “Harm None”. And I hope their positive vibes find you everywhere you may be.

Here’s also a good blog I found on how to avoid bad behavior!



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