Cleaning Your House, Cleaning your Mind!

I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning my house. Yes, yes, there are visitors coming over so it’s the one, two, three shuffle to get things done in time for my prestigious company (Mom from Texas)!
I still have enough to do, but a lot was accomplished (enough in my mind to say, good enough).
There is just no comparing what it feels like when you finally get crap done and a space gets really cleaned. All pretty with everything in its proper space. It’s just so pleasant and nice to be in that space after.
The two troubled spots in my house would be the bathroom and kitchen (also the two spots that I concentrated on this weekend). I figure its most people trouble spots.
That and the current heat wave, both contributing to how much fun it is to start cleaning a space. I did a decent job to both rooms with a few things to finish up this week before they arrive.
Here are a few benefits to cleaning your spaces from clutter and dirt:
1. It helps reduce allergies. Dust is a major contributor in allergies. Getting that stuff under control can greatly improve the air you breathe.
2. Keeping it clean reduces the amount of bacteria such as e-coli that can become a real problem when it’s over-run in your house and can cause sickness, and who likes getting sick!
3. An organized and clutter free home reduces your risk of hurting yourself. A messy home can be hurtful if you are constantly tripping in stuff, increasing your risk of injury.
4. Keeps away bugs and pests since they more are more likely attracted to unsanitary conditions. Makes sense.
5. Cleaning is great exercise. You get to move around and spend some of those calories. You get a clean house and burn calories.
6. Reduces stress. A clean house makes it so much better when you know where to find things and also when unexpected people drop in, you won’t feel terrible for the mess, missing the point of the visit.
7. Helps with your mental state. Hey, who doesn’t like walking around a clean home? You feel at peace just walking from room to room without clutter.
8. Encourages you to stay in the home. Who wants to stay in a house that is filthy? No one wants to sit in filth.
9. Going hand in hand with a cleaner home, it also encourages you to cook and have dinner parties in a clean home. You are more prone to invite your friends over to a great meal. So this can also be good for your wallet, instead of always going out to eat.
10. You get a great sense of achievement when you have a clean home. Again contributing to your good state of mind.


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