What Surrounds Us and Can it Heal Us?

Do you believe that the earth can heal you?You should!

We come from it. Why would it not provide us with everything we need to heal ourselves?

Everyday I’m amazed at all the information I find online of the simplest things on the planet that seem to help with healing. And with the age of technology, there is no shortage of information out there.

Sometimes you can get the feeling it’s all hogwash and bull crap and you feel like you are a “class a” sucker, but with other simpler things, you wonder why you never heard of it before. A little like I felt today about the Hazelwood necklaces.

“Hazel wood has the property of absorbing the body’s acidity through skin contact, neutralizing the excess acidity of the human body. Since many disorders and ailments like migraines, heartburn, arthritis, skin problems, ulcers, constipation, colic, teething and many more, are directly linked with a PH imbalance, wearing a hazel wood necklace can really help the whole family, from babies to adults. The lifespan of those necklaces varies from one another, since it is directly related to the level of acidity of one’s body.” as written by Avellana.ca

I received mine last night and am not sure if I am just getting a contact high (mental high from it), but I swear I feel better already.

Suffering from a few ailments that cause my inflammation, I have been looking for natural ways of dealing with pain and swelling. From natural creams to natural crystals. Doesn’t it make sense that they would be here to help us and not just look pretty! Also explains why I have seen these on Native Indians. They have long known the healing properties of the planet, much more than we do.

I won’t be posting any links right yet since I have just begun wearing this. I like to get real comfortable with things usually before I recommend anything. My partner and son also have necklaces, so we have a board of people who will be checking these things out. Inflammation for both my partner and myself and eczema for my son. I will update this in a month or so. So keep watch and keep searching yourself. If the internet has provided us with anything, it’s also with a positive wealth of information pertaining to getting back to health. As always use caution, read reviews, check out for scams and always follow your gut if it tells you to be on the side of careful!

Fun fact: People who wear jewelry and their skin turn black or green may have higher acid in their skin. This may be a good gauge to find out if you would be a good candidate to lower your acidity levels!


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