Car Insurance!

Are you getting the best you can get?Are you thinking that loyalty will get you better rates?

Are you sure of that?

I spent the morning looking over insurance quotes from different companies.

Here are just a couple that I compared my current rate with:

Here are a few insurance places in my province that offer online quotes. So when your insurance sends you papers through the mail for renewal, itโ€™s the perfect time to check out pricing.

You should check out pricing every year just for good measure to make sure you are not getting hit by gradual increases that may look OK, but in actuality are just continually padding their pockets.

My current insurance is offering a lowered rate this year because I had a teenager and he finally got his 3 years driving experience under his belt. And because of that it would now save us $42.50 a month for a savings of $510. Nice right! Yes, but I went to the other sites above and found out I could save an additional $500 for a savings of over $1000 in the next insurance year.

It adds up and after doing that, it looks like the tally will continue to move in my favor for savings this year. As it currently stands, I will be saving approximately $5500 this year from all my changes. $10 here $75 there, it all adds up.

Those savings are going to be a nice little tidy sum and that I spells a pretty nice holiday!



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