The Latest News! Things You Should Know!

Here’s the news of the current outbreaks that I have noticed hit the social medias lately and being spread around:

  1. A stomach bug called Cyclospora.

Click on this link to find out more. It may have a new name you don’t recognize, but its the same ole stomach bug. Again if you wash your hands and your produce (water and vinegar makes a nice rinse), everything should be OK.

If you are in a group at higher risk with a compromised immune system, then the risk are higher, but then again, if you are compromised, you would be susceptible for a lot of things and not just a stomach bug.

So if you are sick please don’t go visit tiny children or older folks, be kind and thoughtful and heal before you mindlessly spread your infections.

  1. Giant Hogweed.

Part of the carrot family, It’s seems to be a very nasty form of poison ivy or oak, like 2.0 version. Solution, stay away from it.

It is said to be able to cause a rash that can last a few months up to 6 years. Its sap is toxic. If put into your eyes could cause possible temporary or permanent blindness (but that is being debated in truthfulness,better safe than sorry I say.).

If you have made contact, wash the sap off with cold water, seek medical attention and stay out of the sun since it makes it worse. If you don’t have a reaction, would be a good idea to wash the area with soap and water. Applying sunscreen has also been known to help. If it gets into your eyes, rinse with water and make sure to put sunglasses on to protect them from the sun.

They don’t recommend you get rid of it yourself by weed wacker or lawn mower since the seeds tend to get everywhere depending on the time you rip them out, but to call the local authorities or a professional to remove it. If you do attempt (not recommended) to remove it, very protective clothing should be worn and putting the plants carefully in a plastic bag to sit in the sun is a good idea before you call anyone to pick it up.

For more information click this link!

For better pictures of what you are looking for, click here!

  1. The poisonous caterpillar (this story is making a resurgence although the last article I saw was in October of 2013)

Some caterpillars can cause reactions if you touch their little soft hairs on them (Hey as a kid I’ve pet a few caterpillars). The reactions can be a prickly feeling that cans last 20 minutes to nausea. Again, if it’s a bug regardless if it’s cute…Don’t touch. If your kid does touch it, check for symptoms, and seek medical attention, if they complain of anything.

Click on this link for more information!

These are all things that can be handled in a rational non-life threatening way, but between the news and the Social Medias can be spread in a way to cause fear and concern to everyone.

This article is not meant to demean or downplay anything. It’s simply to put a better perspective on things. Tell the people you love in a non-hysterical way, and let them know the facts.

Anything with the right information just becomes something that you can file away and keep an eye out on. Something that you can say thanks for the information and carry on.

My biggest piece of advice on this would be to pass the information along to little ones with pictures of what they might look like or what they should avoid. No need to scare them, but just give them the information. The reason I say that is, if they do touch (because they are naughty) or just by mistake but notice it. They might be more likely to tell you instead of simply ignoring it until it gets to the point where it’s really bad.

Life is way too short to be worrying about dying all day long!

As always I’m not a doctor, I just relaying what media has reported on in the last few years about these things. It’s always prudent to do your own research on things and make an intelligent and responsible decision if or when something happens.

Here’s a picture of a non threatening vine (just so you don’t think this is poisonous). It’s just a bike in my yard with vines! If you live with snow half the year. Isn’t it nice to see green! Most people around here crave vegetation after our long winters!


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