Tablets with Sims! Who knew?***UPDATE***

Here’s an Update of the Tablet I bought! ***Please share***

Divinely Guided Intuitive Energies

Well here’s another tip that blew me out of the water. Sure wish I would have known this before I went out to get another phone! Wait I am repeating myself here. Right? Oh well, it was bound to happen.
Did you know that cell phone providers can offer you a tablet plan for ones that have sim card capabilities?
NO… I did not know. My purchases would have been very different if I had known this before I bought my Samsung Tablet without sim capabilities during the holidays.
So my current phone plan gives me unlimited calls, which I barely use. Unlimited text that I use all the time. Unlimited calls between my other phones i.e. the family (that I use moderately), and one measly gig of data (trust me, it’s measly if you don’t have WIFI). All this for a grand total of 60 dollars a month.

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