Poisoning our Bodies!

This is a topic that has been close to my heart recently. In the last year, because of medical problems that still don’t have a name, I started to re-assess my life and the way I lived it. Sometimes I feel very alone on this. People don’t have the time to listen and don’t want to believe that products we use are unhealthy for us, especially if they feel healthy right now. Truth is, it’s easier to dismiss all of this when you think you feel fine. I know. I was that person. I’ve not ever felt 100% since my 30’s, but I have a few chronic things that won’t kill me, but will make me feel unhealthy and I just convinced myself that it would just be this way with me. Then the doctors got involved.

Having stomach problems, here’s a pill. Having bathroom problems here’s a powder. Lose weight and you’ll feel better. Why am I so fat when I don’t eat much more than the average person? You are eating the wrong things (they were right about that, but not the way they thought). Everything is being treated but nothing is being diagnosed. The root cause is never being fixed.

You don’t always know the ramifications of the products sold or the long term effects of these (including medications).

Plus no one wants to believe that the products we use, wear, drink etc. are unhealthy for us. Or that the products that have long names in the ingredients list can harm us. From the soap we use to wash our clothes and our bodies, to the clothes themselves covered in chemicals and dyes.

From the plastic bottles we drink out of and the chemicals in our makeup. The list is endless. The sicknesses and birth defects are getting worse too. From autism to allergies, the list is long as well. Is this a coincidence or are we suffering from something that has no place in our natural lives, but still remains?

When I started cleaning out the chemicals from my life, I started with this simple thought; If I can’t eat it without getting sick, then I’m not wearing, eating or drinking it. If I can’t identify the product as in apple=apple, coconut oil=coconut oil then it is out of my life. From the long list of ingredients that I could not identify when all I was doing was supposed to be rubbing a simple cream on my body. When ¾ of the ingredients, I could not identify from the sticker that said “if swallowed go see a doctor,” suddenly made me flush in panic.

Especially when I started to think that all my life I trusted these things blindly, even with my kids.

Then the other night, I watched on Netflix the movie “The Human Experiment”. I highly suggest it for anyone who is looking to feel like they are part of the change in this world. We are not alone. Its eye opening and these wonderful people are questioning what many of us have already in the last few years. What is this stuff doing to us?

The reviews show as unfavorable, and says “that it will only convince people who are already convinced.”

To this I cannot comment, but to simply say; take a look and then make up your own mind. If you have Netflix, it’s free to watch and for me the content is sound and is grounded in common sense.

No one can make that decision for you. Only you can.

And with that I will leave you with a recipe for lip balm. It’s worth it and it makes me feel wonderful to know that in some small way, I have started making the necessary changes to feel better.

Here is a simple recipe for dish soap. Looking on the weekend, I realized that some dish soap providers don’t even write any of the ingredients on the bottle (makes you wonder what they are hiding).

Essential oils can be found at Health Food Stores. In my area, there is one in Hawkesbury called “L’Ami de la Santé” with very helpful people.

Here is my recipe for homemade lip balm in Peppermint:

1 part coconut oil

1 part beeswax

Essential oil (peppermint) amount depends on the size of the batch, but you don’t need much to especially with peppermint since it can burn if you put too much. All I will say with oils is that less is more.

You can put food grade vanilla here or even honey. Make it to your liking.

Melt the coconut oil and beeswax together in a double boiler. Once melted take off the boil and add the flavor. Poor into lip balm containers and let cool. And that’s it.

Happy lip smacking!


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