E- Books and E-Readers:

My quest! Is to make sure everyone finds out about e-books and e-readers. First, because it’s so cool to hold that many books without needing the space of other than a phone or e-reader and there are thousands of books you can read for free, if not more.There are apps and programs now that you can download online for free so you can read all this free content. And did I mention, this is free? My second reason, as some of you know, I published my first book last year and am now continuing on with this and need and want more readership of course (as do all writers). And of course, I do giveaways. So why would you not jump on that! My books are available on Amazon. Ribbon of Time and my newest is more a booklet of how to save Energy, which is available if you click on the top of this page. I do offer it for free by subscribing to my blog occasionally, so you may want to watch out for that! I will post how to get the kindle app here, but there is one point I would like to mention. As writers, we do this art with very little reward most of the time, but the one thing that helps us the most is when you post a review. If you purchase the book or even get a book for free on Amazon. After you are done reading it, it’s important to log on and leave a review. Reviews is what sells our books and keeps us writing. It’s by no means a way to become a millionaire, unless you are E.L. James etc… but it is a way to get our work out there with more visibility. So please, I know in this world we love to leave reviews to complain when something doesn’t turn out right, but we have to balance it out sometimes. Save a writer, write a review! Show us that you want more content! It cost nothing but a moment of your day! And something to do, especially if you got it for free. So enough of that, here is your link to the Kindle Free E-Reader.

Once you have downloaded this, just type in Free books or free romances or free biographies and anything that is written 0 is free. If you are looking through Amazon. You have to set up an account with them, but it’s still free and easy after that is done! You can also type into Google. Free E-books. You will be amazed of the sites that come up. As with anything, check if they are legitimate. You just have to write the name of the site and legitimate in a search and it will give you information. Happy Reading!


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