Numbers Don’t Lie!

It’s been quite the journey for me the last couple of months. I still don’t like my energy provider since I believe their delivery charges are outrageous, however, I have to say on the whole since we started conserving on our energy and making the changes required. We have seen some pretty amazing cost cuts in our bill. The proof is in the pudding as they say or in this case the comparison billing to what it was last year.


As you can see our bill was literally cut in half. I attribute smarter ways of doing things. Cutting down on the big appliances sure did help. And guess what. If you want to start doing the same, I actually put together a handy booklet on what you do to get these results. I paid almost $300 last year with all their bogus charges. This year, my bill was $144. That is a substantial savings.

If you are interested. My book is on or you can click here on the link above.
10 Money Saving Ideas: Book 1 – How to Save on your Energy Consumption

You can also find it on Just type in the title.

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