Healing Powers of Water!

Ever since I was very young, I can remember loving water. Taking a bath and floating in a pool were my favorite past-times.As I got older, people started telling me it was because I was a fish. Pisces is my sign.

In the last couple of years, I’ve gotten my partner addicted to the water as well. Difference is, that the water was never that interesting to my mate. Not being able to float as I did or even being a strong swimmer made that love impossible.

However, we went to the Ocean in Virginia a couple of years back, and we both fell in love with it. Since then, we’ve done tours on the water and even did a cruise one year.

Since last summer, we have started kayaking on the local river and been enjoying the water that way. That then led me to do some research on this to see why it is so attractive.

Well, the first one is easy; we come from liquid. Floating around in amniotic fluid was our first home. And even before that, it is estimated that if we were descendants of the first bacteria pool (most likely a liquid). Again, we come from some sort of watery substance.

I read article after article online on how water (if you are not terrified of it since some people are) can lower your stress levels and lower your blood pressure.

The studies have shown that most of the population, even if we are inland, try to be within a reasonable driving distance of a body of water. Probably good since we need to drink it too!

It seems that even thoughts of water, pictures of water and sounds of water have beneficial effects. Most relaxation tapes and videos have an ocean wave or babbling brook to it with promises of relaxation and meditation.

If you feel under the weather or sore, we usually pick a hot bath or shower because for some reason it would seem that hot water is equated with healing properties, and there is no denying that it does when you feel like a bag of crap. Water surrounding you seems to have a very healing effect on the mind.

Look at the % of people who leave for the lake every summer. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Haven’t even covered on this blog just how beneficial it is to drink water, but that can always be for another day.

One thing for sure, I wish doctors would give you a prescription to go to water instead of a pill when you need to lower your pressure. Pretty sure that would be more beneficial in the long run. But where’s the money in that?

Here’s some pictures of my boys when we went out earlier this spring and one last summer when we paddled from one town to another and found… Water Lilies! Lovely!


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