Stay away from the News or at least Dilute it A Little!

I know this may sound a bit off and some people would argue that we need to know what’s going on in the world.If you must know at all cost what is happening, I would suggest skimming through the first online page of your local paper, that is without really opening to read the story too much and in about 5 minutes you will know what is happening!

Why do I recommend this? One simple reason. The papers and news are a popularity industry, and they are there to sensationalize things to get better readership. If they can get people to adopt a mob mentality, the better it is for their sales.

Anyone fooling themselves into believing that the news is there to inform them only in their best interests are fooling themselves. Did you know that constant reporting of latest diseases or terrorist activities contribute to anxiety attacks and stress disorders in our society?

Take the virus scare that they covered constantly for months. Putting the fear into everyone that “the virus” that would wipe us all out was suddenly here.

Or the terrorists that I will not name who beheaded people and posted on medias to spread fear into people.

Any media, person etc who make money on promoting fear and pain are not anyone who is your friend. They should try to keep people calm and tell them the facts. Instead they post all the nitty-gritty things with % of how we could be affected and then let the social medias take over with people who will constantly put these things on their feeds to promote the hysterics.

Point in fact, how about that lynch mob mentality about that lion story last week. I don’t deny here that I myself don’t agree with hunting any animal unless you are to eat it, however, the mass hysteria that took over left me feeling like I was living on a planet that had gone completely mad.

Not everything is flowers and not everything is roses. And yes, there are some scary things that happen. However, when you don’t promote human kinds wellness and prey on their fears, you are not in the best interest of the population nor their well-being.

I try to keep it simple and distance myself of people who constantly post the darkest and nastiest things online. Life is so short, we should try to find the happy in every day!

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