It’s Monday Giveaway Time!

On this my 45th post, I’ve decided to do a free giveaway. If you or a friend or a friend you refer (with their consent of course) start to follow my post and insert your email address to receive them, once you have confirmed your subscription to my blog, then please send me your email address to with the comment ‘please send me my free book’ I will email you a copy of my new book “10 Money Saving Ideas – How to Save on Energy Consumption – Book 1” for free!

Now it’s all great information on how to save on your energy cost! And it’s free. And who doesn’t like free. You get all that and also my daily post about my thoughts and ideas on how to save money, live happy and being healthy! Who doesn’t want all of that!

Again all you have to do is click on the follow link on my blog. Put in your email address by sending it to mine so I can send you the free book! Its that easy!

It’s a holiday Monday here in Ontario, Canada. Hope you have a great Monday wherever you may be today!

J.L. Bishop!

P.S. if you are already following my blog and would like a book please follow the same criteria above, I will email it to you as well!


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