Top 10 Benefits of Olive Oil!

I spoke about Coconut Oil, but today I want to talk about Olive Oil. A while back, we switched to it, since it was said that it was worth it for our health to switch. But only when I did some searches this morning did I notice all the great health benefits Olive Oil really presents and its tasty too!

  1. Good for your Heart – Great for circulation and also said that the populations who consume the most olive oil also enjoy lower rates of heart disease! Since my family has heart disease in it, I think I will start adding this to my daily diet!
  2. Good for your sex life – Well if it’s good for circulation, then it goes without saying it’s going to be good for that too!
  3. Helps deter Diabetes or diabetes spikes if you have them by balancing out the insulin levels, leading to less spikes in blood sugar.
  4. Pain relief – Has anti-inflammatory properties that help with pain. I am finding out that many oils seem to have that property. The great thing is that they are so accessible.
  5. Keeps you running smoothly – Having problems with bathroom time. Olive oil can help with bathroom health, helping things running smoothly or slickly so that it’s easier.
  6. Can help with Mental Health – Has been known to help with cognitive diseases. Anything that helps keep my marbles intact can only be a good thing!
  7. Immune System Booster – Helps you system fight off infection and disease. Loaded with antioxidants.
  8. It’s a rich source of Energy – And who does not need more energy. A carrier oil much like coconut, it helps with absorption of different vitamins such as A, D, E and K.
  9. Promotes to help you feel full – Looking for weight loss, this oil can help with that, adding it to food will make you feel fuller faster.
  10. It’s just plain yummy to eat – Sometimes you don’t need an explanation to eat something. If it’s delicious and good for you too! Bonus!

Olive oil is also a great carrier oil for Essential Oils as is Coconut Oil. There are a lot of remedies you can make homemade to help with different types of ailments.

As always I am not a doctor, this blog as well as any suggestions I make about these products are only my opinion and what I have found online from multiple sites.

If you suffer from any major ailments, you should be careful in everything you do and really research before implementing life changing ideas.

If you trust your doctor, you should talk to him/her first. Western medicine doctors do generally discourage or rather not encourage natural ways of treating things, because they usually say there is no proof or results to prove their health benefits.

Since Olive oil is a food. It should be safe for most people. But again I am not a doctor, just a believer in food to heal our bodies naturally and will always pick it over any pill if I can help it.


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