How to Wear your Heart on your Sleeve (Dealing with Strong Emotions of Hurt or Happiness)

It’s easy really. All you have to do is speak from your heart. When you are angry or hurt, tell the person who hurt you without attacking them. Instead of going back and forth with someone (what I call sparring, which accomplishes nothing). Just tell them.Hey you hurt me. That was not very nice. Try to keep your lashing out to a minimum since you are really angry about how they made you feel. It’s easier to just say that instead of burying it and making everybody pay (around you) for their bad behavior, or going out on an all-out row because of a single action.
It works both ways too. If you like something, say it out loud. If you have concern for someone, say it. If you feel like doing something nice, do it. Don’t wait for someone to tell you or follow the crowd. Do what makes you happy.
It happens that people do things to be insensitive. I can’t stress this enough, the best way to deal with it is to tell them immediately. If they react unwell and are taunting or nasty with your emotions, the best thing is to walk away. A person who is unable to be understanding and own up to their mistakes or unwilling to talk to you, should be avoided. They are not worth your energy. If they are only trying to make you angrier, instead of working things out and making up, you have to save yourself from that anxiety.
In my experience, whether I have been the one apologizing for something I did or telling someone that they hurt me. The people who matter have always apologized or accepted my apology in return. The ones who have acted like it did not matter or it could not be their fault, are no longer a problem.
Look folks. Life is too short to be dealing with garbage from certain people. I’m not saying there are not people who are not worth the battle to keep in your life. But if they keep treating you badly and take no responsibility or even do take responsibility but keep doing it time and time again. You have to make a decision.
And that decision should always be to be in healthy relationships with people you like and love so that you can continue wearing your heart on your sleeve in the best way possible.


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