The great thing about another day!

Ever hear the saying, “Tomorrow is another day!”
Isn’t that great! Only as I get older can I truly understand and appreciate this saying.No matter how crappy my day is going, I know that when I lay my head on the pillow and fall asleep, it’s a chance to start new and fresh when I wake up.
Usually when I have bad body days, since I have a bunch of conditions that cause pain but have no cures (not going to bore anyone here with that, since I get on my own nerves talking about it), I will simply say that some days by the time I reach my bed, I am crying from my body’s only way of dealing with exhaustion with its pain receptors. Last night was such a night. My partner and I were at each other without fighting, just really getting on each others nerves etc… Anyway, was not unhappy the day was over.
But ultimately, I wake up and I feel so much better. If the day is sunny, it’s even better, the pain recedes and I wash my face and have a coffee. Walk around the house and mentally start taking stock of this day and what I want to do with it and realize that I’m OK. Another day came around and I survived the last one as I did the one before.
I wonder what I can accomplish with this day and smile. Right now, we have so much on the go, a counter to build, a yard to clean, and a house to straighten, all this while working full time! But isn’t it great to have something to do.
Even when we get tired and don’t do all we thought we would, we know that the dawn of a new day offers another opportunity to get things done. Any chance at feeling healed up physically and mentally and another chance at it!
Knowing this also offers the knowledge that no matter how bad your day is going. There is a great possibility that tomorrow will be so much better! Just knowing that no bad day can last forever should be a positive that you can rely on! And that’s not so bad!
So take every new day as a chance to make it a fabulous day, and if that doesn’t work out, go to bed that night realizing that tomorrow you can reset and try again!


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