All You Need is Love!

Last night we celebrated my younger son’s 18th birthday. His birthdays are usually celebrated by a cake and giving him cash to buy what he wants. He is picky so it’s easier this way.Since we were not the weekend yet, I decided to invite out to lunch yesterday and woke him up with a cupcake with a match on it and a hug early before I left for work.
He really enjoyed our lunch together, and the movie night we had later. He was happy to spend time with us. He loved it and so did we. We tend to buy and then go to our respective corners, but in this world of disconnection from our physical world, sometimes all people want is to reconnect with each other.
Having spent the simplest of moments of just breaking bread and then an old Jerry Lewis movie “Cinderfella”, I realized that money was not at the heart of this day. We get so wrapped up with work and looking down at our phones. Sometimes it’s important to just put it down and let the moments in.
He appreciated the time together. It was so simple, it was almost too easy. Taking the time in the morning to let him know that he was remembered, and then having a good meal again sitting and just chatting as we ate was excellent. Then later, sharing laughter in a favorite movie was awesome.
None of it cost much money, but made a huge impact. Why? Because money is unable to do this one thing; it’s unable to make you feel loved.
So instead of wrapping crap or bagging gifts and bringing it to someone while rushing off to the next thing or place, take a minute and share your presence. Share a sandwich, have a conversation, make plans for a movie in the park, an old movie on a couch with popcorn, a coffee and bagel. Give of yourself, not your money. Take a minute and be happy with someone else. Let them feel that warmth from you, not just in theory but actual body temperature.
You always hear people saying. I’m there in spirit and that is ok, but sometimes a hug, a touch, a smile as you sit next to one another, lets another human know what is really important. And it’s them!
Remember that if you can’t do anything else, caring in this way is really important!

This one is for you Lee! Happy 18th!


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