From your Mind to the Page!

As I take a stroll through social media as I do every day. I sometimes wonder why the stuff that gets said, sounds so off or just makes no sense. It’s as though everyone’s shouting out their opinion without thought or reason.

I took a moment to think of how our lives have changed since we subscribed to social medias and I came up with this.

When talking to someone face to face. As we conversed, our brain would continually filter all that is being said and then you would have to respond to it and it would come out through the mouth. Body language and everything else would be taken into consideration.

And at this point, it had gone through some pondering and filtering, and you are engaging with someone else, building a relationship that will last a day or years.

Today, we have taken the mouthpiece out of it. So I believe, that instead of going through the filters, it simply comes out on the page and with no one there to leave the room when you are obnoxious, it’s become a free for all. We stand in a dark room, with no one person really being clearly seen or interacted with, and then we blurt out our mind. It’s only when someone suddenly responds negatively that we suddenly realize that maybe we worded out thoughts wrong.

Why was filtering beneficial?

Well it’s good for many reasons. First, some people don’t always blurt out the right thing or the thing they mean. It helps to get your thoughts in order especially if you need to do this as to not unintentionally offend everyone. Some people know how to express themselves, others don’t.

Why is having a conversation with someone good?

Because you get to see their reaction and gauge if they are understanding your meaning. It’s hard to hear inflection in someone’s tone when you are reading a simple line of dialogue.

Writers take years to do this in books and it’s not easy to bring out a certain type of emotion for the reader to interpret.

Why are all these things good?

Because having to deal with an actual person is a courageous task. Online everything is anonymous and impersonal. It’s easy to be offending to someone you don’t have to deal with or can delete. Dealing with an actual person takes courage and shows character.

I usually tend to filter a million times what I am about to post, but sometimes I wish people would read back what they write and take a moment to understand that they have not filtered what they are saying.

Some could argue that you get to see the real person and can assess that if that goes through their mind, you really would not want to be their friend anyways.And that is a point.

Unfortunately, I believe that the mind processes a lot of garbage that does not necessarily defines who we really are.

I also believe that is why we have not evolved to be able to read each others minds since what we think and what we say are not in tune and very primitive still.

How do you protect yourself?

Well there are a few rules I like to keep when socializing. I don’t engage anyone going under a false or anonymous name, unless I know this person. I find it a very cowardly way of being obnoxious and rude and getting away with being these things. Since they are anonymous, I treat them like they don’t exist. Simple. I try to avoid anyone who is not part of my friends list, but sometimes it’s very hard not to engage certain people who vibrate on such low settings. I do try to keep it to a minimum.

I try to keep the important conversations if I can for a face to face. And keep social media for funny anecdotes, life meanings inspiration boards and joyful banter.

Trust me, you’ll be much happier this way. And always, always, always pick real life interactions over internet banters. With the right people, they are so special!


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