Monday Morning Blues!

Are you like me? Does Monday make you sick? I know it does with me. I wake up feeling like ….Awwee really, this stupid day again.I try to keep it light and you know it’s not all that bad once I’m there (at work I mean), but it’s to get there.
To start that week over and wonder, “Why can’t I just win the lottery already?”
But you know, here are a few good things about getting up to go to work every day. Yes there are some reasons it’s ok to go to work every day.
Number 1
You develop a routine, and your body and mind enjoy a routine. You get up at that time, go to the bathroom at the same time and then you make your way to your coffee, or shower etc… this routine for all intents and purposes is good for your physical body. Just like your mind enjoys a break from it every once in a while.
Number 2
Going out in the world gets you socializing with different people outside your regular circle. Staying at home all the time makes you risk cutting yourself off from the rest of the world,  and in those cases, you can also lose touch with everyone or even everything.
Number 3
At the end of week, you get to feel great about having days off. When all days run into another without any difference, it can get monotonous. I know that most people think they would love to never have to go out to work again. But in most cases that wears off real quick. It’s nice to have a break at the end of your work week. Have a couple of days knowing they are yours. I’ve seen people who suddenly don’t know where they are in the week, because all their days are the same. They are constantly asking. What day is this? Nice for a while, but I’ve always liked knowing where I am on most days.
Number 4
Most important here would be the paycheck at the end of it all. Why would it not be? You work hard and it’s nice to receive a deposit in your bank of the wages you’ve earned and most of the reason you wake up and get yourself going in the morning. And it’s even better if you can spend it on what you like as opposed to what you think you need.
The goal to all of this is not necessarily getting rid of a job, it’s more like doing what you love and getting paid for it. Because waking up to get something accomplished is very good for you. You just have to work towards waking up and working at something you love. That one is the catch, the one I hope to get to do real soon. Just remember, you can change whatever you don’t like in your life. It’s your life. Own it.


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