Taking the Leap to…Anything!

Want to know the hardest part of living. That would be having the courage to take a chance. Taking a really the big leap of chance.You want to know why that is so scary. It’s because it takes you out of your comfort zone. Not only that, it also takes you out of your lazy habits.
Staying with the same bank when others offer no fees to be with them?
Ahh…but it will take forever to change and I have to switch all my payments…urgghhh….LAZY.
Want to take a trip to Toronto and see the CN tower. Well I have to make sure I have to prepare everything and that the house will be OK while we are gone…etc…COMFORT ZONE AND LAZY.
I don’t want to go to France. They are different there and what if and if and if…. COMFORT ZONE AND FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.
We live in an age where doing these things are now the easiest it’s ever been. You have sites that are offering to do the work for you. To travel with people who speak your language etc…
Afraid to dream big, then start dreaming small. Save money, go out, live life.
Every time you find yourself giving excuses as to why you can’t do something. Repeat it again and again until you find the answer that lets you be OK with discovering this wonderful world. Heck, call someone and tell them to help you find an answer (most of the time you’ll be able to figure it out by yourself).
Go ahead and travel and give away old stuff you hoard in case of ??? Travel and learn a few French, German, Spanish words! Fall on your face a few times, but don’t let it discourage you.
You won’t always win, but you’ll always be a winner for trying.


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