Coconut Oil – For Eczema? Maybe?:

In the last 6 months or so, I’ve seen and heard a lot about “Coconut Oil”. But here I am now doing the same thing.I have been using it on my very dry skin (something caused by my hard water). And I have to say that it does do wonders. It goes on oily but almost leaves a satin finish. It seems to rejuvenate my skin.
I’ve since then used it in lip balms that I have made myself. I have made homemade rubs with eucalyptus and lavender from anything from colds to relieving inflammation, since it’s a great carrier oil for essential oils.
I decided last night to apply it to my son’s dry scalp. He suffers from eczema, especially on his feet and now his scalp. Poor guy gets red welts everywhere and they seem to cause him annoyance of wanting to itch constantly.
A couple years back the doctor prescribed him some steroid cream for his feet but it seems like it only works part of the time, probably because he only thinks of it sporadically.
Again, I’m not here to make claims about what I put on his head worked or not (well not as of right now since it’s just been a day). Just saying that I have started to use it and shall see what it does.
It seems Coconut was getting a bad rap because of the Saturated fats (known as the bad guy), but apparently, they were wrong about this fact and are now saying that saturated fats are not as harmful as they thought or so this is what I have been reading online.
As they say, bad today, good tomorrow. So for now, seems coconut oil has been put back on the shelves as the good guy and now that we are left to experiment, it would appear that it has a great wealth of benefits.
I can say that I loved the balms since it was very nice and easy to make. One part coconut oil, one part beeswax and one part essential oil. Careful which essential oil you use as some are photosensitive like orange or any of the citric ones, which means you can get a nasty sunburn if exposed to the sun. So always do your research when you begin making your own stuff. Remember just because it’s natural does not mean it has no side effects or that  you can’t get sick from it. Caution and research is always important.
I will try to keep at it for my son and see if it makes any sort of difference and come back to you with the results.
I am much less worried about putting that kind of stuff in his head especially if he can put his hand in the jar and eat it as well from what I hear is good for you as well.

Here’s a spoof from second city about the benefits of coconut oil…Yeah I wish we could put it on that!

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