Travelling through Covert to Elmira!

To anyone who knows me, they also know how much I love Samuel Clemens or as some know him, Mark Twain.

He was witty, tremendously intelligent and before his time and best of all, sarcastic.

Now I know, you should be kind, but this kind of sarcastic humor leaves you chuckling out loud!

Believe it or not, I’m not really here to talk about him, not that I won’t in future posts, but for now I will just say that last March, the family and I stopped at his Connecticut home on our way back from Florida and it was phenomenal. Maybe I’ll write some about that later as well with pictures. Oh what a beautiful home! But I may be biased here for my love for the man.

Today, my partner and I decided to take a weekend trip to come and see the study in which he wrote a lot of his masterpieces some of you may know, like Huckleberry Finn, or A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court etc…

We had to travel a good 6 hours to get here and on the way, we passed a Town called Covert and a few others on the way to Elmira, and we ended up looking out the window like we had found some kind of paradise around the last 40 minutes of the ride.

Luscious hills, planted with crops with different patches that give beautifully created plateaus that look like pictures I’ve seen painted in art galleries. Hillsides that you believe you would only see on tv.


And Cayuga Lake is so beautiful in this area.


As you drive past you’ll see some wineries , this one called Americana Vineyards Winery.


And while you are at it, you can listen to 99.9fm to hear a real good rock station. Want a hidden beauty and the scenic route, I suggest passing by the Ithaca region and look up Covert. You’ll find a almost surreal picture of Americana. It’s gorgeous and will bring you back to a time where life felt less complicated. If my health can hold up (I’m stuck with this real nasty sore throat), I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds. Have a geat weekend everyone!


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