Boost your immune system with a smile? Sounds simple, and there is no shortage of blogs out there about the benefits of smiles and here are few I could compile in a top 10. 1. Decreases stress (who doesn’t need that). Hell yeah! 2. Makes you appear more attractive. 3. Creates a chain reaction. If you smile others will more likely smile back and so on and so on. Until everyone is happy. Except for Bill. Bill never smiles. We all have our versions of Bill. 4. Produces Happy Endorphins that makes you wait for it…. Happy! 5. Apparently it can even reduce heart rate, if you need that to happen. If you have a low heart rate, maybe smiling should be done with caution. Ha! Honestly it’s said it’s good for your heart, opening blood vessels etc. 6. It is said that even if you fake a smile, there are still benefits to it. That it still has the power to make you feel better, so you end up smiling for real and being happier (gonna try that one today). 7. You will attract fun loving, smile happy people in your life. And who doesn’t need a goofy faced smiley person in their life! 8. It strengthens your relationships. People who care for you feel more relaxed and perceive you as approachable and kind. 9. When polled, it was realized that people say that a smile is more attractive than makeup. Hey there’s another way to save money. Instead of makeup, smile!! 10. Smiling is regarded as a sign of acceptance. And you know everyone needs to feel accepted. Well I hope you enjoyed it, I needed something positive today to bring my spirits back to where they needed to be. So I guess it’s time to smile!

And here is a favorite of many to get that smile started

Walking on Sunshine!

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