Always a New Opportunity Just Around the Corner

You ever hear the saying when a door closes, a window opens!
This is the way I feel these days.Today I got to talking with a friend of mine, a very hard working lady with excellent work ethics who has been employed with this company for 6 years. Her male co-worker who has been there for 2 years and is slowly being groomed for bigger and better things etc…
While she is very happy for him, she can’t help but feel that she is being ignored once again as her company has been doing since she started with them. Seems there are very few ladies in key positions.
She does a lot of networking on the side hoping that one day she can leave this little backwards country business and make it on her own merit.
After talking to her, instead of feeling like she had been passed up again, she felt that her resolve only grew stronger. Because this door was constantly being closed in her face, it meant she was destined for greater and better things.
And I concur with her. So if something constantly gets denied to you or seems to be unattainable, try to think that maybe it’s because something much better is coming your way.
Maybe something with benefits that could improve your life beyond your wildest imagination?
She also spoke to me of a dream she had last night. She said she was walking along a shore of some unknown body of water, and on her left was a long line of shops and restaurants, small in nature almost like a boardwalk. It felt Italian or French with the hazy summer sun on her shoulders. She said she felt at peace, not rushed and completely relaxed, more than she had ever felt in her life.

She said she wished she could have gone back to sleep, back to her dream. I told her that maybe it was a preview of what was in store and not a dream at all. She liked that.
You know, I like that too! Very much.
Don’t let go of your dreams. Don’t get stuck in things that don’t matter. You are exactly where you should be. And if you do it right, you may end up exactly where you want to be.

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