Common Sense and Why I added it to my Blog Header!

I added the title Common Sense on the heading of this blogpost for a simple reason. It’s really not common at all.
Every day I see people struggle with this. Either by making decisions based on what they have been taught. Doing to people by what they have learnt growing up. Even doing things that are ancient ideas that really don’t fit into today’s life.
Example: In the 1940’s doctors recommended smoking and even prescribed it. Now that was over 80 years ago, but still in terms of how long the Earth has been around, it’s a fairly short time.
Another example is why people would wash clothes with detergent that says plain as day on it not to ingest or that its poison or even with ingredients no one can spell, yet they wear these washed clothes on their skin (the biggest organ of their body that can absorb the most) without questioning if it might cause damage after prolonged exposure.
You know why we do it. Because we never truly believe that anyone would ever sell anything that would harm us. Not really.
The medical websites will warn you against natural plants but will not tell you about the harm of the synthetic chemicals they put in their meds.
But we never question because they are doctors and have our best interest at heart. They want to see us better. After talking to him for 5 minutes every year? Do you think so?
At work, is it normal or fair to keep believing that women should still be paid less than men, when they do equal work and sometimes more? Or that bosses consider people a liability because they lose money with them (salaries without getting a return on products sold) and everything else they sell an asset. When in fact, those liabilities are the ones making them rich?
Because that is what our business schools and business owners have been passing down for generations.
As people are waking up out of the fog, mostly from blogs and information that is being spread like wildfire on the internet. It is important to read, learn and then think.
Does this make any sense? Does what I read make sense? Does this way of doing things make sense?
The truth is, every single one of us has felt bad when different situations arise, and if you really question the why, you will come up with the same answer. Your gut is telling you it’s not right, and I’ve learnt over time that my gut is usually close to right or on the right path to it.
We can simply walk away from certain things or people and try to do things to help our quality of life. But what if you need your job and can’t quit right now, what if you can’t get the help from a doctor who will really listen to you. What then?
This is why we have to help change the world we live in, even if it’s only with one person at a time. Make it a better place. And show we care about our future. Explore health, happiness, and making sure that when something is outdated and ridiculous we don’t blame anyone, but simply bring it back to the path of common sense. To think outside the box we have been taught to believe is always right.
It’s the time, we can make a difference. People are listening.

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