Conversations about Health Care:

My mother and I were having a conversation about health care professionals.
She has been struggling with stomach problems for many years now.
She was lucky enough to visit a private doctor that takes no insurance so big $$$ to visit this dude. But it was a one-time thing for which basically she got covered. And by mistake or not, she found out quite a few things.
He basically diagnosed her in 2 hours of a visit (which remains to be seen if it’s accurate, but we shall see).
However in the interesting conversation that she had with him, she asked him why in all the years that she went to other doctors that they never could find out what was wrong, when he could give her a diagnosis inside of 2 hours.
He admitted that doctors today are taught what procedures pay and what does not. So they are trained to schedule colonoscopies, ultrasounds, etc…
People are being doped up and treated for symptoms without trying to find the root cause.
Why? Because if the root cause is found, then the pharmaceutical companies won’t make any more money.
He was very candid with my mom as she left wondering if she would ever have access to such an exclusive health care professional, walking past the elite rich in the waiting room waiting for their vitamin shots.
All this to say, keep these words close to you when you go to the doctor’s office.
“I would like to know the root cause, please.” If they can find that, I bet you, you can fix it yourself. Probably with something the Earth already provides us with.

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