My Inspiration for Saving Energy :

I have to say that the reason I started thinking in terms of saving money was because of the small house movement.

If you have not already seen anything about these tiny houses I recommend you go on YouTube and start exploring the world of tiny living.

There are quite a few of them. But here are some of my favorites.

Living Big In a Tiny House

Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Nation

Tiny Nest

Wife Tea and Me

The last two are about couples who take you on their journeys of building their very own tiny homes. They usually post their weekly updates and I find myself really excited when YouTube lets me know that another new one has been posted.

The others show different configurations of how to build in a tiny space and the innovations they come up to problem solve not having access to constant power supplies or restricted power supplies.

Watching these has opened up worlds of composting toilets, solar panel energy, water collection systems etc…

I love how people who dare to think outside the every box of doing things and then can come up with ideas that benefit the rest of the world.

Not only are they saving money and also making their dreams come true, they offer hope to those who never thought they would ever be able to afford living in their own little comfortable spots, and a lot of time reducing their environmental footprints. And those are the people that I want most of all to know.

Not the ones that are always looking for more than what they already have or the consumer loving, reality tv watching zombies that is slowly numbing our brains (just a personal opinion here, but just go look at the news sometimes and watch what stupidity abounds and you’ll see what I mean).
Actually not preaching, just stating a fact. But if you can start watching these people who obviously are searching to save money, so they don’t have become a slave to it and lead the life they want while finding their inner peace, you’ll actually see it in their face and their actions and the peace they embody. This is what I want in my life, even if I don’t end up in a tiny home. I just want to make my life simpler and stress free so I can wake up and concentrate on just doing what feels right.

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