Is This Really The Time We Are Living In?

As I check all my social media and see what the minions of the world are up to. I notice something rather important.
People are connecting at each other but never with each other.
Here is what my massive imagination has come up with when I think of this.
Imagine if you will (feel like Rod Sterling here), we are all standing on a platform. It’s a dark room and you only see a few people there. They are the precious few that comment or interact with you. But in the darkness there are more people. There could be hundreds, thousands or even millions, but you can’t see them. They listen quietly but offer no support, no insight, and no interaction.
Now there are some with bigger platforms, they have lots of light and lots of people they can see surrounding them, however in this case although people are trying to voice their opinions and thoughts, the person on the platform ignores them and keeps on talking over them without stopping or acknowledging their existence.
So think about it for a minute. You have a bunch of people who keep their eyes firmly planted on their phones. Reading about all in the world, putting in their two cents once in a while, but not engaging….anyone…
The lone person on the stoop is asking for people to listen and engage, but is left feeling alone and disengaged a lot of the time. And the one that is popular with the masses has always wanted the attention, but then ignores the crowds because it doesn’t necessarily want to hear all it has to say and ends up feeling alone in a crowd.
It has become a very scary situation, don’t you think?
I think everyone should get off their pedestals and shake the hand of the person they can find in front of them. Laugh, chat, and hug. Interact, let it get ugly, and then let it be fabulous. Spread your wings, respond to posts, and comment with something funny. Comment with something serious. Let life in, don’t be afraid. And for crying out loud talk to the live person beside you and put the phone down if the opportunity presents itself. I’ve seen too many overcrowded buses with people sitting so close; they are creating a long line of touch. But not a single one of them are saying a single word to each other! This always completely befuddles me.
Just my own example here, last night I was farting around my blog here and noticed that I have 65 following my blog, OMG. I was happy and blown away, however, suddenly; I realized that there had been zero comments or interaction of any kind. Now I’m not saying that people need to comment on anything or everything. So I will address those 65 followers as of last night. Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs. I don’t know your names. I don’t know where you are. Frankly I don’t even know if you really exist, but I will pretend you are awesome just the same. May humanity be with you!

If the need ever comes up you can leave a comment here or follow me on Facebook at Saving Money, Living Healthy, Finding Happy or on Twitter under Nowriter1971. I’m everywhere! Let’s chat!

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