Eat Local!

Want to live to a million years. So do I? As soon as you figure out how, let me know ok.
Until then, here’s a way of just living healthier, so your days are spent in quality, regardless of the number of them you have left.
I know of many people who are always reading off a label to find out if it’s good for you. I did this myself for a long time.
Most likely if you are reading a label. It’s not great. Some are better than others, but my point is this; a head of lettuce does not have a label. The local grower’s carrots in a basket don’t have labels.
Now I can hear people yelling. “Who has time for all of that?” You do. If you are cooking for yourself, you don’t have much to make. If you are cooking for everyone, get help from everyone.
Try buying your meat from a local butcher. Get your veggies from your own garden or the neighbor’s garden, a local store where they sell from local gardens.
I get feta cheese from my neighbor lady and can pet the goat it comes from. That’s what I mean by from the source to the mouth.
The bigger the ingredients list, the more complicated it gets inside your body. Your body does not know how to process non-natural ingredients and that is the problem. A nutrient in today’s supermarket is not created equal.
I would like to say that eating healthier has solved all my problems. Unfortunately it has not, but I can tell you one thing; I feel better now than I did about 3 months ago and better than I did 1 month ago. Coincidence? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.
I won’t put links on this one, because frankly the best thing you can do is go out and figure out where your local farmer is and plan your shopping around what is available and buy what’s in season. Buy Mason Jars and figure out how to bottle it up (something I have yet to do but will do soon I hope).
The benefits are plenty and wonderful and they make great Christmas gifts! Add a ribbon and a cute cloth and voila, something personal without having to break the bank or buying cheap plastic crap.
This is not convenient and it’s not fast. But you will know if you are eating well. Your body will digest with ease. You will feel less bloated and suffer less indigestion.
Grow or buy spices to increase the flavor of everything. Experiment.
Now I’m not too sure what else to add. I could talk about calories and grams of fat or glucose etc…. and I may talk about that in future posts. I’m kinda living this life as I go along!
But I figure this is a simple one and a good one that everyone should adopt. Keep it simple stupid is what I always tell myself when I overcomplicate things. And it really all is very simple if you think about it and it’s common sense!

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