Tablets with Sims! Who knew?***UPDATE***

Well here’s another tip that blew me out of the water. Sure wish I would have known this before I went out to get another phone! Wait I am repeating myself here. Right? Oh well, it was bound to happen.
Did you know that cell phone providers can offer you a tablet plan for ones that have sim card capabilities?
NO… I did not know. My purchases would have been very different if I had known this before I bought my Samsung Tablet without sim capabilities during the holidays.
So my current phone plan gives me unlimited calls, which I barely use. Unlimited text that I use all the time. Unlimited calls between my other phones i.e. the family (that I use moderately), and one measly gig of data (trust me, it’s measly if you don’t have WIFI). All this for a grand total of 60 dollars a month.
Now most of us need a phone to have a number to call, but what if you didn’t need a number.
I am now on a tiered tablet plan from Virgin Mobile. It starts at 5$ a month and then progressively gets to $40 up to 5 gigs of data. It goes to $20 after you have used more than 1 gig. Every gig after 5 gigs is $10 more.
$60 or $40….Hmmmm…. Is that a $20 savings?
And let’s say you can get yourself a cheap tablet like this one from Amazon. And it also happens the one I bought myself for about $100.

Kocaso Tablet (Canada link)

Kocaso Tablet (U.S. link)
And you download KIK or Messenger for texts and phone calls, or Messenger or Skype for calls? Since most android phones have these, you can now use them to call other people and what if others knew that this was the way to reach you only. A Table that runs on Wi-Fi when it’s available and can run on Data when it’s not. You suddenly have a means of communications that can be used for everything.
Still need a phone. Get a simple prepaid flip phone from just anywhere or pay as you go. Use only for emergencies or teachers, bill collectors… Oh wait never mind that last one. You soon won’t need to worry about those if you follow my saving tips!

Samsung Flip Phone (Canada link)

Samsung Flip Phone (U.S. link)
And you know what? I got all this from an afternoon searching my current cell phone provider’s website.
It’s amazing when you take a minute to find stuff.


About the Kocaso Tablet

I have been using this little tablet for over a month now. I have to say that for the money I paid, it’s alright. But I would warn if you are expecting highway speeds. You better look elsewhere.

Impressive FM radio that can be used at work. On WIFI it performs adequately, but the 3G slot that I have the sim on does not perform the best. Seems to lag a lot and that is what I was originally using it for. Because I was going to a lot of places without WIFI. My phone reacts better being on Data in these areas than this tablet.

I would do more research if you are looking to do this as I did. Make sure you have adequate RAM for what you are doing. That the screen is big enough if you are blogging such as I am. And that buy something that has been on the market for awhile so you get to see just how well it performs. It’s not lost because I have kids I can pass it down to.

I am still impressed with this little Tablet and think Kocaso with time, will probably develop something pretty awesome.

For now I would give it 3 stars out of 5. But with hopes that I can eventually give it 5 after they have improved on their product.

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