What Makes You Happy?

Easy enough question, not always an easy one to answer. I spend my time working an outside job. It’s not a bad one, except for the fact that because it’s a 9 to 5 one, I tend to start feeling a bit stuck and imprisoned as the week goes on. By Fridays, I find myself really looking forward to getting away of these four walls that I didn’t build and also the job in a company that I do not own. If you don’t think about these things, it’s better, believe me, however, if you do like I do, at one point you start to look for things to make you happy since you have given up so much of your time not exactly being unhappy but just giving it up to enrich someone else and eventually giving them more free time to enjoy life. Here is where the real problem begins. Most people spend on the weekends, on gadgets or things they may or may not need, and it creates a running after your tail effect. You work to spend and then have to go back to work to spend more… Well you get it. Then others develop other bad habits such as drinking, over-eating, taking trip after trip or even gambling to alleviate the humdrum of everyday life, which is ok if you have the money, but if you don’t, this is when you can get into real trouble. Everything should be done in moderation when you have limited funds so you don’t run into financial trouble. However, have you ever sat with yourself and asked. “What makes me happy?” And really mean it. Not what do I need to spend to make me happy? Financial independence? Sure. What are doing to get there? Are you paying attention to your finances, are you saving money, putting money aside. Are you lightening your burden? I am starting to find that as I stop myself from going a million miles an hour and stop for a simple minute of time, I can actually find things that give me great joy. As I was looking out on our small unfinished deck last night, I became transfixed by the solar lanterns casting a glow from where I hung them next to my vines. That with the half-moon shining above gave me the greatest sense of beautiful. The only way I can describe it.

10407808_10152934622917155_830193670177011057_n I felt peace, warmth and joy all at once. It’s simple I know, but I am really starting to look for those wonderful moments. What makes you happy? Is there anything so simple yet so beautiful that can bring happiness to your inner core? It’s important to stop sometimes and look for this in your life. Stop looking at what needs to be fixed or bought or done or worked at and get off the world of crazy reality shows, social medias and just sit and find it. Thrust me, if you look from the inside out, you will find it!

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