Timers and Lights

Timers have been around forever. And if you want a variation of how many you can have, you will be searching for a spell.
Timers or timer bulbs however are a great thing and a good timer/bulb is worth its weight in saving energy gold. You have those that are seasonal, meaning that they go on and off at sunset and sunrise.
Great if you don’t have a time of day usage. If it goes on at 4 in the winter and your usage drops at 7 pm, could be problematic.
The ones I use I can program to boot up at 7 pm after time of usage drops down to half and I can rest assured that the work is being done for me.
Timers are good for hot water heaters as well. You can basically turn them on when you know you are going to shower or do the dishes (as already discussed in a previous post), which you should try to do at the same time every day.
They have digital timers and the ones with pins. I have been systematically putting all my stuff on timers since I don’t like stuff running on forever if they don’t need to.
Even ghost power (as in the stuff that shows clocks like microwaves and residual power appliances) from televisions and computers can be put on timers so that when everyone is sleeping, you are not being charged to run this stuff quietly in the background. A penny saved…
Just look around and take stock of all that is plugged into a wall socket. Does it hold a residual power supply? If it does and you don’t need it, but don’t want to always unplug it. Put it on a timer. If you shut everything off for 8 to 10 hours every night, you will notice a difference even if it be a small one.
Of course the easiest way to deal with stuff is simply shut it off, just as you would shut off a light when you leave the room.  Sometimes the simplicity of it is just that…simple.
When it comes to lights of course you have to either replace older lights with Florescent or LED lights. Not only are they really efficient, they also last longer. They have such a variation of these as well that you can get whatever suits your needs.
Just one word of caution about these. Buy a brand that is tried and tested. I have had a bad experience with a fluorescent bulb that I bought at the dollar store when it exploded in my bathroom and made my ceiling very black. Just lucky that we didn’t end up having a fire.
For this reason I stick to mainly LED now, but I used the others. Just bought name brands after like GE …etc… 
This may save you only pennies, but a penny saved is a penny earned in my book.

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