Time of Day

Depending on where you are located. There may be better times in the day to use your energy. Where I am in Canada our best times of use or Off Peak times are between 7 pm. and 7 am and holidays and weekends.  There is a medium peak time and On Peak times that changes along with the seasons.
Ours is literally half the price on off peak times so it becomes important to do stuff when the price is cheaper.
Now nobody expects you to eat at 7 pm or even after if you start cooking at that time (especially if you have young children), however it might be a good idea to make your meals at off peak times and re-heat them so it takes less electricity when you are eating at a medium or high peak time of day.
You can also try to do things before 7 am. I am an early riser so I throw a load of laundry in at 6 am or 6:15 so it’s done by 7 am.  Or you can simply do it at night and put them out on the line to dry overnight. Luckily the clothes dryer takes no electricity to function.
Have lights come on with timers after peak times and keep a close check on what appliances run while the prices run high.
This is where your hot water timers can come in handy as well as well as all timers to reduce the amount of time your appliances run. (Will be talking about that later on with links of course)
Hot showers should also be taken in off peak times to optimize when you use power.
Ceiling fans should be left off and drapes closed during the day if the house is empty to keep the cool in the summer.
The air conditioner can be turned down as well to save on peak time’s consumption.
You can also turn down the heating to save on that as well.
In most cases they won’t recommend shutting everything right off because it might spike your energy bill when it plays catch up later trying to warm or cool down a house.
If you leave for work during the day the best way of doing this is to go around and shut off whatever won’t be needed.
I have a light over the stove that I used to never shut off. I thought that it was such low voltage, that it simply did not matter.  Every kilowatt matters. Everything you shut off is no longer draining money out of your pocket whether it’s 10 cents or 5 dollars. Every little bit helps.

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