Free local HDTV

On my quest to save dollars with my cable bill, I first found that I could probably buy an antenna that could give me free HDTV from the local stations in the area.
First things first, I wanted to know if it would be worth the money to buy these things. Like if I would only catch 1 channel, then it’s hardly worth my effort.
So I found this site that helps with finding your local viewing area and the possible channels you can get.
I can honestly say that this thing was almost dead on for me. It offered me a tentative 18 channels and I got about 15. I got an $85 dollar antenna that got signal 360 degrees for 150 mile range. So for a one time-fee I got 15 free local channels. Some that are PBS, which in my case is one of my favorite channels.
But before that I got a smaller one for about $30 that got me about 8 channels with a range of 40 miles.
I’m posting the link for the 40 mile one. But you can go from there if you are looking for something with more range.
For U.S.
Indoor/Outdoor Antenna 40 mile range

For Canada
Indoor/Outdoor Antenna 40 mile range
A little bit of info of what I have found. I live in the middle of nowhere and far from a lot of towers. So I won’t be getting anything fantastic, but 15 channels were pretty decent for what I used to get with those old antennas. If you lived in the country like me, you got 3 channels and only 1 was decent. The other was so- so and the other one was French. So getting 15 in HD quality free after the initial cost of the antenna was pretty awesome!
The other thing is if the weather is not great, you may lose a few channels. I found it is weather sensitive. But again, it’s not too bad, you get a few hiccups and then you are back to watching your clear channels and it’s HDTV quality clear.
I bought this first before I decided to live off my streaming boxes because I was looking for ways to get off the cable/satellite company without paying millions.
Now it would come in handy if my internet went down. Instead of watching nothing I would have something to stare at.
One thing for sure, it’s paid for itself the first month I had it for what I would have paid the satellite company.
There are many out there, and some reviews are not great, however I am reviewing for mine, the ones I have ordered and watch from and I am content.
Please also review the comments for people that are close to a city , it seems to be a hit and a miss, but then again for $30 maybe I would be willing to take the chance. So I would look into that.
Hope this all helps! If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section!

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