Cell Phones

As I mentioned before I no longer have a landline. Instead over the years I have outfitted my clan with the latest and greatest cell phones. In Canada, there are fewer options at great prices with Cell phone carriers. Since my Mom is from Texas I realized this after she told me that for 2 phones she had 10 GB of data for a fraction of the cost that I pay for 1 GB here, but that is something else we have to contend with here. So being the avid consumer that I am, I have my service with Virgin Mobile. At the time, I found their plans ok and even had a great deal with my phone, a promotion at the time 2 GB for 57 dollars, as opposed to the same thing for the rest of my family except they only got 1 GB and paid 60 dollars (I had gotten in just as the deal closed with no such luck with the rest of the members of my family) My phone had approached its renewal time which basically means they tell you that your phone is paid and you can go get a shiny new one, I ran to the store and signed up for the newest phone plan and lost my sweet deal of $57 dollars. I figured that my phone was old. It was on a pay a percentage per month without a contract and I had had it for 4 years, but it seemed to be getting tired. Something I found later that a reset and a new battery probably would have fixed. So here I am with my new shiny phone and for the heck of it decided after all these years of just buying blindly to see what happened if I didn’t immediately renew my phone? I have 2 guys in my house with phones that will be up for renewal in September. Mind you there is some wear and tear on their phones but I figure they are still using them so it should be good for another 6 months, or a year maybe. So I started investigating and saw that when your phone is paid up, for the same plan you can pay up to $10 less a month for their plans. So for these 2 phones that would be $20 less a month. $20 x 12= $240. Hey suddenly that perked up my ears and my mind! That kind of savings is nice. Also I will be looking up other companies when their renewal comes up. Hey I hear Telus is into sharing data. Something I like because some of us use more data than others because of lack of WIFI signal available. So sharing seems good with me as opposed to the constrictions of having to stick to your own. But that will be another blog in September when I switch, maybe! One thing for sure, whether I do or not. I plan to save more money by keeping phones for as long as I can and making sure I can optimize my savings. If you have a phone plan and you haven’t optimized it. I suggest you make inquiries. You might be surprised at what you can find for savings. There are also some great savings you can take advantage of if you have constant access to WIFI. Unlimited phone calls from Messenger or Skype. Unlimited data from WIFI. We can also get unlimited text if you want, by texting through WIFI with messenger and other free apps available in the play store. In these ways you can increase your savings. When I am at home I now use my old phone. Since I can use all my apps that use WIFI, so I have access to my emails, can text the kids with apps etc…saving wear and tear on my new phone. Now that your eyes are opened as mine did, you can go see Mr. Google and find out all the great ways you can save on your cell phone bill, hopefully you are smarter than I was before I locked myself down to another 2 year term. As I said, better late than never. FREE Apps you can use on your phone with WIFI. I talk to my mom in Texas with Skype and Messenger. And use KiK with my son to text from home.

Link to Skype

Link to Messenger:

Link to Kik Text and Photo Messenger;

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