Save Money with Streaming TV

I saved the most money by far this year by finally cancelling my satellite/cable subscription. I was paying on average $75 and that is only because I cancelled some stuff the year before when I was paying over $90 a month to have access to a bunch of channels I hardly watched.
I had already subscribed to Netfix a couple years back and gotten a blue ray player that worked with it. Now I’m sure everyone has heard of Netflix but if you haven’t here’s the links.
Netflix U.S.
Netflix Canada
Ok. So that is done and now we are just looking around at a big box store and suddenly we notice a small box called the Roku 3. Well, we quickly brought it home and plugged it in. And suddenly a whole new world of content opened up to us. Online content that was really interesting and that could be tailored to what you wanted, like the Youtube channel that offers anything from well basically anything you want to know about or watch. You can find a lot.
Roku Streaming Box U.S.
Roku Streaming Box Canada
After this, we bought a stick that can be put on the back of the television for my son. Connected by USB.
And then he could get his content and personalize it the way he wanted.
Roku Streaming Stick U.S.
Roku Streaming Stick Canada
Later on in the year, we had a television in the bedroom but wanted to test out another system. So we bought the apple TV, that had gotten some good reviews as well. Different setup, different content.
Apple TV U.S.
Apple TV Canada
Although the Canadian content is sometimes limiting as to what you can get in the States, there are ways I hear to get around that, although to tell the truth, there is plenty of streaming content to watch whatever you choose.
The big problem with me was that I felt like if I shut off the satellite I felt I would be missing out on something somehow. Change is so hard to do, especially when you are used to what you are used to. Two months ago, I finally decided to cut the cord and put that $75 dollars back in my pocket.
I stream to my heart’s content and to tell the truth between Crackle, Netflix and Youtube (which I stream constantly to watch tiny house builds and tours…amazing the ingenuity of people)and with all that I have not missed my satellite dish at all.
The only regret I have is that I did not do this years ago, but as they say, better late than never.
So $75 dollars does not seem like much in one month but at the end of the year it’s $900.00. And that number is something to think about.
I also bought a few HDTV antennas’ to catch signal outside my home at the beginning of my quest to cut the cord but I will review those a little later.
So if you are thinking about it, think a little harder and take the leap, if you have people who can help you convert if you are leery about it, let them help you and do it.
You adapt to everything or find something comparable. If you do buy a box and get it set up. Try it for a week, to watch it without going to your cable/satellite and see how it feels. If it feels good, try it another week. If you can go a month without it, you will know that are ready to start saving some real cash!!

To check out the layout of all the tv boxes, just go to youtube and check them out. There is plenty out there!

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