Online Shopping

Let me say here that the more I online shop the better I feel. Here’s why. I am one of those people who hate to go wandering aimlessly in stores. First I am not a big fan of people trying to buy out the store every time a one day holiday comes around. Shoving you like the end of the world is coming, blocking the entire aisle while they talk of their hemorrhoid operation etc… You get the point. I have taken to making a list and getting in and out of that store as fast as my legs can carry me for grocery shopping. For other things, anything else I prefer to order online if at all possible. It’s so easy to do today. More and more is available. Stuff that you would only find on some dormant shelf in a store sometimes comes alive in front of you on the screen. Not only that. If you look on the shelf at the store, there is no one to tell you if this is worth your money. Online, there are millions of people who take the time to write reviews. Some of course are nit-picky and nasty but some in all honesty don’t want anyone else to have a hard time or waste their time. This ups the game for people trying to deceive or with poor customer service. They know these reviews can make or break them. It’s like have a million best friends letting you know what you are getting yourself into. You can search until you get the best deal or free shipping. Oh how I love free shipping and I can usually find the comparable thing in the U.S. on the Canadian site helping me avoid the border fees. These days my favorite places to shop are or But any online retailer will do. Just make sure if you are looking at someone else to buy from that you check with Mr. Google if that company is one you can trust.

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