Cook Meals on Weekends and/or low energy times of day (if you have that where you live):

This one takes some discipline. I know this because I have a hard time to do it, but if you are smart you can do this and save yourself some energy and time and money. You can cook a few things at once and then you don’t cook something new every day. All that is left in the end is to heat it up and that cost less than to start from scratch.
Granted there are some dishes that you have cook the same day that you are eating them. Like hamburgers. Making hamburgers a week in advance would be less than appetizing; although I’m sure there are some that do it.
I find that this also saves me money in another place I did not realize it would. Grocery shopping. Planning out at least 5 of the 7 weekly meals and you suddenly have a list of things you will need.
Do you find yourself going to the store and buying a ton of stuff you don’t need only to end up throwing out a lot of food in the end?
I have started this about a month ago and find that although it’s a bit disconcerting to have empty cabinets sometimes near the end of the week. I don’t spend money on stuff that sits there losing its expiration date or rots in the back of the fridge.
Here a few free templates to help you along.
Printable menu planner shopping list
This site also offers meal ideas

Printable meal plans
Household planner printables

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