Low Flow Shower Heads

I’m sure everyone else but me knows about these and they are fantastic. Low-flow shower heads.

Firstly, I had to educate myself about what gpm meant. If you didn’t know. GPM are gallons per minutes.

Secondly, I found out that I could save on my hot water in my shower by switching my shower head to something that took less gpm’s.

The one I had installed was 2.2 gpm and after some research and checking reviews I found that you can take a nice hot shower just as well with a shower head that takes only 1.25 gpm.

Suddenly my life had meaning. Just kidding. But honestly. If I just cut my water consumption in half of what it was for showers. That means my energy cost for taking showers was also cut in half.

Suddenly I feel like I was getting the hang of this saving money idea.

For about $20 dollars you can buy a decent shower head and save tons on hot water energy!

Maybe even reduce on the gallons you need in your hot water tank….but that is another post entirely.

Here are some links to help you get started with your low flow researches.

Just an FYI. I bought the one below here and I absolutely love it. The biggest concern was that it would not wash hair properly. I am here to tell you it has plenty of pressure to rinse out your hair not problems. Everyone in my family has different length hair and it works fabulously. Why would it not. It’s built to increase pressure and lower water consumption.

I posted a link to a hand held one if that would be your preference. We are thinking of getting one as well and attaching with a flow regulator so we can switch from one to the other for convenience.

The convenience of the internet now allows you to look up and find what you need and also keep up with the newest stuff without having to deal with overcrowded stores. Happy Clicking!!

For Canada:

Low Flow Shower Head

For U.S.:

Low Flow Shower Head

Low Flow Shower Head Handheld

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